A report from the Environmental Integrity Project claims that Pennsylvania made cuts to its Department of Environmental Protection during a time of “unprecedented environmental challenges,” including a surge in hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. (Pete Stern/FrackTracker)

Report says 4 of 6 Bay states cut funding, staff for top agencies handling pollution

By: Ad Crable, BayJournal.com Four of 6 states in the Chesapeake Bay region cut funding or staff to their main

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Recent high flows were caused by an unusually protracted period of precipitation that saturated the landscape, leading to high amounts of water that continued to drain into streams even when it was no longer raining. (Dave Harp)

Freshwater flows to Bay highest in 82 years of monitoring

By: Karl Blankenship, Bayjournal.com The 12-month “water year” that ended September 30 had the highest river flows into the Chesapeake

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Poultry growers on Maryland's Eastern Shore will be increasingly impacted by Maryland's phosphorus regulation, which aims to restrict the amount of manure that can be spread on some farm fields. (Dave Harp)

Next phase of MD phosphorus regulation may be delayed another year

By: Timothy Wheeler, BayJournal.com Study finds state lacks funding, infrastructure to haul away or treat chicken litter The Hogan administration

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