Scientists carefully conduct a seine net survey along the Chesapeake Bay during the summer.

Striped Bass Index Documents Below-Average Year

Spawning Down Among Several Species News Release, Maryland Department of Natural Resources The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced the results of

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Researchers at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science’s Horn Point Lab and the Maryland Institute College of Art are partnering on a project to create artificial oyster shells. More shells are needed to restore oyster reefs across the Chesapeake Bay, they say. (David Harp)

Can bacteria help restore the Chesapeake Bay’s oysters?

Researchers developing ‘biocement’ to provide hard strata for oysters to grow on By: Jeremy Cox, Ryan Hoover teaches sculpture

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Doug Fischer of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission holds a container of fingerling Chesapeake logperch shortly before their release into a Susquehanna River tributary. (Dave Harp)

Rare Chesapeake logperch get first release into Lower Susquehanna stream

Scientists hope the restocking effort will help the struggling species avoid becoming endangered By: Ad Crable, Just a few

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