Older Marylanders need to beware of scammers trying to sell fake vaccines and other bogus cures for the new coronavirus. (Adobe Stock)

MD Seniors Need to Guard Against Wave of COVID-19 Scams

By: Diane Bernard, Public News Service – MD ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Con artists like to take advantage of people when

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Nebraskans are encouraged to research groups doing COVID-19 relief work at CharityNavigator.org or Give.org before making donations. (Pxfuel)

Tips for Avoiding Coronavirus Scams

By: Eric Galatas, Public News Service – NE LINCOLN, Neb. — Medicare officials are warning people that the COVID-19 pandemic

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COVID-19 response stimulus checks will come automatically, either by mail or direct-deposit to a bank account. No one will need to apply for them. (Noderog/iStockphoto)

Better Business Bureau Warns of Coronavirus Stimulus Check Scams

By: Suzanne Potter, Public News Service – CT HARTFORD, Conn. — The Better Business Bureau warns that scammers are already

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Fraud experts warn people should be suspicious of folks claiming to have a cure for the coronavirus. (sergio santos/Flickr)

Watch Out for Scammers Pushing Coronavirus ‘Magic Cures’

By: Eric Tegethoff, Public News Service – MT HELENA, Mont. — Fears about the new coronavirus are creating opportunities for

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