There were eerie similarities between Pepys’ time and our own. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Diary of Samuel Pepys shows how life under the bubonic plague mirrored today’s pandemic

In early April, writer Jen Miller urged New York Times readers to start a coronavirus diary. “Who knows,” she wrote, “maybe

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The launch of Hubble Space Telescope on April 24, 1990. This photo captures the first time that there were shuttles on both pad 39a and 39b. NASA

How the Hubble Space Telescope opened our eyes to the first galaxies of the universe

The Hubble Space Telescope launched on the 24th of April, 30 years ago. It’s an impressive milestone especially as its expected lifespan

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At this time, HSMC has canceled all programs scheduled through the end of April. The Visitor Center, Shop at Farthings Ordinary, and outdoor exhibits are closed until further notice. Please check or our Facebook page @HistoricStMarysCity for up-to-date information.

Historic St. Mary’s City to remain closed

News Release, Historic St. Mary’s City The well-being of staff and guests is the top priority of Historic St. Mary’s

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