Mexican women pick crab meat at a crab facility in Fishing Creek, MD, July 22, 2010. Mexican women who come to the US on guestworkers' visas to pick crabs fear their source of income could be in danger after a report by the Washington College of Law and Centro de los chos del Migrante (Center for Migrant Rights) alleged that foreign crabpickers live and work in dire conditions and are pushing US workers out of jobs. The report, called "Picked Apart", not only said Mexican women crabpickers are underpaid, overworked and have no way of enforcing their rights, but also that they are taking jobs from Americans AFP Photo / Rod Lamkey, Jr. (Photo credit should read ROD LAMKEY JR/AFP/Getty Images)(Photo Credit should Read /AFP/Getty Images)

Federal Administration Agrees to Release Additional H-2B Visas to Help Maryland’s Seafood Industry

Announcement Comes After Weeks of Hogan Administration Urging Federal Action News Release, Maryland Department of Agriculture ANNAPOLIS, MD—After weeks of

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