Misconceptions abound on both sides of the aisle. Victor Moussa/Shutterstock.com

Something Democrats and Republicans have in common: Exaggerated stereotypes about both parties

Douglas J. Ahler, Florida State University With animosity between party supporters already at an all-time high, buckle up for what

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Demonstrators shout slogans during a rally for free speech near the University of California, Berkeley campus. AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

What liberals and conservatives get wrong about free expression on college campuses

Timothy Ryan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Mark McNeilly, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill When

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There’s a little work involved in happily ever after. Désirée Fawn/Unsplash, CC BY

A 4-step maintenance plan to help keep your relationship going strong

Gary W. Lewandowski Jr., Monmouth University Early on, relationships are easy. Everything is new and exciting. You go on dates,

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