A new study published in PNAS by researchers at the Smithsonian, Academia Sinica and The George Washington University analyzed more than 47 million animal DNA sequences from GenBank, the most commonly used tool used to identify environmental DNA, and found that animal DNA identification errors are rare, but sometimes funny. The researchers want to be able to identify DNA of marine animals in ocean water samples to better monitor the ocean health. Credit: Ian Cooke Tapia (cartoonist), Matthieu Leray (author)

Can GenBank Be Trusted?

Comparisons of 4.7 Million DNA Sequences Show GenBank Is Reliable for Animal IDs News Release, Smithsonian Institutes Did a murderer

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USPS Carrier, Manprit Singh, photo by USPS employee Tom Ouellette

Holiday Safety is Important for You and the Postal Service

Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls for the Holidays News Release, United States Postal Service WASHINGTON— Safety should be a year-round

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Here is a glimpse of the final product of malted barley taken on Sept. 26, 2019, in Havre de Grace, Maryland. The grain has been cleaned after coming out of the kiln to remove unwanted roots and other parts of the barley grain. (Emily Top/ Capital News Service)

Malted barley’s additional uses

By: Emily Top, Capital News Service ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Beer is almost as old as time, or at least the

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