Students Earn Recognition for National Language Awards in Latin, Spanish and Mythology

News Release, St. Mary’s Ryken High School

Congratulations to these St. Mary’s Ryken students who attained national recognition for excellent performance on the 2019National World Language Exams.

The following students earned recognition in Latin:

  • Gavin Barford, Cum Laude in Latin 2
  • Matt Caldwell, Silver Maxima Cum Laude in Latin 2
  • Jamie Kost, Cum Laude in Latin 3
  • Taylor Quade, Cum Laude in Latin 1
  • Seth Tyson, Cum Laude in Latin 1
  • Macy Van Meter, Cum Laude in Latin 1

The following students earned recognition in Spanish:

  • Jurgis Augunas, Bronce
  • Victor Bonilla, Honor
  • Jennifer Caldwell, Bronce
  • Elise Cecil, Bronce
  • Abigail Cosgrove, Honor
  • Caroline Daley, Gold
  • Madison DeVane, Honor
  • Nina Ferrero, Honor
  • Kayla Gormley, Honor
  • Molly Guy, Honor
  • Matthew Harrer, Honor
  • Jesse Harris, Honor
  • Karley Lusby, Honor
  • Jane Mattingly, Honor
  • Blake Meyer, Honor
  • Dillon Miller, Honor
  • Payton Parris, Honor
  • Leah Prince, Honor
  • Darlene Salvador, Honor
  • Christine Shatrowksy, Honor
  • Daphne Spencer, Honor
  • Jennifer Tennant, Bronce

The following student earned recognition in Mythology:

  • Matthew Caldwell, Bronze Medallion

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