HOCC: Mother’s Day Edition

Humans of Calvert County, Sarah Merranko & Anita Santoyo

In honor of Mother’s Day, I would like to use this post to honor a few moms whom I feel deserve the spotlight. These moms are selfless and are the first to help if you’re in need. They’re genuine and keep life real, so you never feel alone around them. They’re understanding and exhibit grace and patience; daily. They’re beautiful and not in just their physical appearance, but in the way their light is able to illuminate even the darkest of corners. They’re humble and If they knew this post was in existence, the possibility of it happening would be close to none ? …as they’re humans and without them, this page wouldn’t exist….


I’m personally working on a special project, so when I asked these awesome moms if I could borrow their girls for it, they were all in…(thank you for your trust~I hope this doesn’t ruin that! hahaha) I then brought some gowns over and we had a little fun. Little did they know that their daughters and I had already had a plan in the works for a few weeks to honor them in this post. So, without further delay~here are a few things these sweet daughters had to say about their beautiful moms….


“Driving to all my soccer games and tournaments we always talk about everything. She’s very aware of everyone’s energy and she’s very spiritual and I tend to be opposite because Science is pretty much what makes sense to me, but she brings balance to my world and is always to open with me. I love that she has such a big heart for people. I love her.”

“My mom is the most exuberant, joyous, creative, loving, and giving person I know. When I got sick, she was always there for me. She would take me to every doctor’s appt and she would be there for me at home. Through everything thick and thin, she loves me through and through and I love her. My favorite past memory was going with her to California to look at colleges this past October. We had a lot of one on one time and it was a lot of fun. I love her so much. She’s my best friend.”


“I couldn’t have asked for a better mom. Her heart is always open. She has been a foster parent for the past ten years. She’s extremely hard working and to top that off, her humor is on point. My mom homeschools me and my two twin brothers, manages her own business, she’s actively involved in our community and church, and is an interviewer for HOCC. My favorite memory with her was when we went to Ireland together. It was 7 years ago and we got to stay in a big castle . It was a lot of fun. 
My mom is always willing to help others and that’s what I admire most about her. I love you mom & Happy Mother’s Day to all!”


“I remember her bringing chickens in for my class at school and it was so nice because she had to do tons of paperwork for it and she was so hardworking. I also remember during Thanksgiving every year she would teach me more about how to make pies and now I can do it myself. It shows that she is helpful and she is so verrrrry patient. She’s always there for me and supports me in everything I want to do; including soccer tournaments when we drive like four hours and I can just talk to her and open up about anything. She is a wonderful mother and she still makes my lunch everyday…which is also really helpful, so yeah.”


So, for these reasons and so many more (I mean, I haven’t interviewed the other 6 children ? ) I feel these women who have raised such strong, independent, and truly beautiful women should be our Humans this week! So, please help me celebrate them and the selfless, giving, beautiful women they are. We salute you and we~me and the readers~ of Humans of Calvert County, would like to take the time this month to honor and thank you! Happy early Mother’s Day!!!!! ?

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