Central Office Educational Support Person of the Year: Ray Trigger

Calvert County Public Schools via Facebook

Ray Trigger

From Director of School Facilities Thomas Powers: Ray is the work order technician for School Facilities and, although that’s his title, he’s so much more than that. He’s a true team player and believes in doing whatever it takes to be mission successful. If someone needs help, he’s always right there to lend a hand.

Aside from his duties as work order technician, he regularly assists the HVAC shop with indoor air quality analysis. He also tracks the maintenance fleet and vehicle fuel usage, assists with asset disposal procedures, converts paper documents to digital format for storage, and is our own IT guy for the office—though he probably didn’t know that. The list goes on and on.

Prior to coming to Calvert County Public Schools as an auto mechanic in 2006, Ray served our country in the military. He enlisted in the Marines in 2001 and served two tours in Iraq. After four years of active duty, he transitioned over to the Reserves, where he became a Staff Sergeant. He stayed in the active Reserves until his return to full civilian life in 2015. We are so fortunate Ray came to work for us, and he continues to be one of the true assets for School Facilities and for Calvert County Public Schools.

His dedication and hard work can be seen every day, and his unique personality and respect for others make it a pleasure to work beside him.

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