Meet Eryn Lowe, Department of Communications and Media Relations

Calvert County via Facebook

Eryn joined the team in October 2018 as a Communications Program Specialist. Her responsibilities include managing advertising and marketing programs, creating marketing materials and developing content for the county’s various outreach channels. Her goal is to become the best writer she can be across all platforms of the position,to learn how to ask the right questions in each interaction in order to build the best content and to better get to know the variety of clients the department serves. 

“I am very excited and happy about this new position with CMR,” Eryn said. 

Eryn holds an English degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. While most of her career has involved work with credit unions, she is excited to keep learning and developing her diverse skill set in this position.

In her free time, Eryn enjoys working out, reading, hanging out with her family and watching movies. Join us in thanking Eryn for her service.