From the desk of Senator Steve Waugh

Safe to Learn Act of 2018

School Safety Moving FAST
We are committed to school safety, and this morning a Senate committee passed the final piece.

Classroom Protections were moved into HB1783, and other components were moved into 2 others.
The remaining components of my four bills have been consolidated in SB1265, renamed the “SAFE TO LEARN ACT”.

The bill has 3 major purposes:
1. Mental and Behavioral Health in Schools
2. Organizational changes to MD Center for School Safety
3. Security Measures in Schools

$40 million was attached to the bill for this year.


Calvert County Capital Projects

Agreements were reached on the Governor’s Capital Budget for many projects in Calvert County including:

Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum
$3,887,000 for renovations
Calvert Health Systems
$1,727,000 for renovations to the behavioral health unit
North Beach Volunteer Fire Department 
$100,000 for boat maintenance
Calvert County Detention Center 
$500,000 for an addition to the Inmate Program Space
East-John Youth Center Pools
$50,000 for repairs
— last week forgot to mention:
St. Mary’s Nursing Center
$75,000 for renovations
Veterans Bills

25 Bills Moving!
As of Wednesday morning, almost half of the bills related to Vets crossed between House and Senate including many issues on the Vet Agenda. Some examples are:
  • Colonel Todd J. Hixson Memorial Resource Center Act
  • Disabled Veterans – Interviews for Noncompetitive Appointment
  • Driver’s Licenses and Identification Cards – Notation for Surviving Spouses of Veterans
  • Employment in the State’s Defense Industry – Study
  • Exemption From Vehicle Registration Fees – Surviving Spouses of Veterans
  • Income Tax – Subtraction Modification – Military Retirement Income
  • Income Tax Checkoff – Maryland Veterans Trust Fund
  • Maryland Veterans Service Animal Program Fund
  • Priority Registration for Members of the Armed Forces
  • Procurement – Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise Participation
  • Property Tax Credit – Elderly Individuals and Veterans
  • Registration Fee Exemptions – Disabled Veterans
  • Veteran and Armed Services Member Suicide Reporting
  • Veteran Employment and Transition Success Program
  • Veteran Suicide Prevention – Comprehensive Action Plan
  • Washington County – Property Tax Credit for Disabled Veterans

We extended the application period for Senatorial Scholarship to April 15, 2018.

For more information on how to apply for the 2018-2019 Senatorial Scholarship, click here.

Please continue to pray for our community.

Semper Fi,

Senator Steve Waugh
Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties

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