Updated windstorm weather statement from the National Weather Service

Event: Special Weather Statement
At 6:00 PM, high winds continue across the region, with gusts 
commonly between 40 and 60 mph over land, and 40 to 60 knots over 
This is a prolonged, high-impact windstorm for the region, with 
many downed trees and power lines. The duration of the winds will 
add to the hazardous nature of this event. While gusts will slowly 
diminish in intensity this weekend, they will remain around 40 
mph Saturday. This will hamper the repair of power lines and tree 
Travel is dangerous on the roads, especially for high profile 
vehicles. Be aware of rapidly changing road conditions due to the 
potential of downed trees and power lines. This is especially true 
after nightfall as you may quickly come up on an unseen tree 
across the road. The waters remain exceptionally hazardous as 
Pedestrians will also face very hazardous conditions, and need to 
be aware of wind-borne projectiles. People should avoid being 
outside in forested areas and around trees. If possible, remain in 
the lower levels of your homes during the windstorm, and avoid 
Widespread power outages are occurring. If you use a portable 
generator, follow manufacturer`s instructions and do not operate 
it indoors or in your garage. Also, check on the safety and 
wellness of the elderly and physically challenged. 
A High Wind Warning is in effect for most of the area until 6 AM 
Saturday. This includes the greater metropolitan areas of 
Baltimore and Washington DC. A Storm Warning is in effect for the 
waters until 6 AM. The high winds are being created by an intense 
low pressure system offshore.
Target Area:
Anne Arundel
Central and Eastern Allegany
Central and Southeast Howard
Central and Southeast Montgomery
Extreme Western Allegany
Northern Baltimore
Northwest Harford
Northwest Howard
Northwest Montgomery
Prince Georges
Southeast Harford
Southern Baltimore
St. Marys

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