Future Business Leaders of America Inducts 22 Members at St. Mary’s Ryken

On Thursday, December 14, the St. Mary’s Ryken Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) inducted 22 members from the classes of 2018-2021 and installed the officers for the 2017-18 school year. 

Congratulations to the following Executive Officers:

Krystal Shaw – Chapter President

Vice President – Josh Kim

Treasurer – Jordyn Martin

Secretary – Tyla Frazier

Parliamentarian – Alexandra Wettengel

Congratulations to the following new members:

Members of Class of 2018    

•    Cathrine Jarek

Members of Class of 2019    

•    Camryn Cavalier    

•    Isaiah Patillo

•    Garret Daczkowski     

•    Krystal Shaw

•    Julia Hetmansky    

•    Amanda Thompson

•    Euikwang Kim     

•    Alexandra Wettengel

•    Youngseo Kwon    

•    Weichun Xu

•    Jordyn Martin          

Members of Class of 2020    

•    Drew Figueiras    

•    Katheryn Newbold

•    Tyla Frazier    

•    Grace Raddatz

•    Courtney Keller    

•    Bryson Russell

•    Claire Neace    

•    Allison Thompson     

Members of Class of 2021    

•    Zoe Beardsley    

•    Elizabeth Szymkowiak

•    Paris Hicks    


Via St. Mary’s Ryken

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